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Mens ULTRA Traditional M.C. Jacket

  • Product ID: 12.ant 
  • Skin: Drum Dyed Naked Cowhide 1.3mm
  • Material: Silver hardware.
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Unik Ultra


Full removable belt.  

4 exterior pockets and 2 inside concealed carry pockets.  Silver hardware.  

Men’s Ultra Traditional Black Motorcycle Jacket

The Men’s Ultra Traditional Black Motorcycle Jacket is the exact embodiment of that classic biker look. The best part about this jacket is it looks good on anyone. You can gear up and go with this jacket on.

Luxurious but Affordable

This leather jacket is made of drum dyed naked cowhide 1.3mm. It’s smooth and luxurious, but it’s also extremely affordable. This leather jacket is all you need in a motorcycle jacket. It won’t distract from your motorcycle, it only will add to it, like the perfect compliment.

Look Effortlessly Cool

The silver hardware on the Men’s Ultra Traditional Black Motorcycle Jacket is classic and timeless. It goes well with any outfit, and blends in with each biker’s individual style. The black leather can be paired with any biker wardrobe and still look effortlessly cool. You won’t have to try very hard to look like a biker in this jacket.

Extra Details

There is also a full removable belt on the Men’s Ultra Traditional Black Motorcycle Jacket. You can adjust it to your body type depending on the size that you need. This jacket offers flexibility and versatility.

There are four exterior pockets and two interior concealed weapon pockets. You will be able to keep everything on you that you need. And you can keep your handgun concealed and safe.

Gear Up for Your Ride

Antelope Creek Leather has all the biker gear you need. From this Men’s Ultra Traditional Black Motorcycle Jacket, to chaps, helmets, and more, you can find it all here. Pair up this jacket with some slick chaps, and you’re good to go!

Looking for a high-quality men's biker leather jacket? Look no further than Antelope Creek. Our jackets are made with genuine leather and designed to last, making them the perfect addition to any biker's wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a classic black jacket or a more modern design, we have what you need. Browse our selection today!