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Ladies Black Jacket with Bone and Bead Detail

Look for the matching Vest and Chaps 

Women’s Black Leather Fringe Jacket with Bone Detail

Are you ready to turn heads in this leather jacket? The Women’s Black Leather Fringe Jacket with Bone Detail is a stunner statement piece that will add flair to any outfit. The attention to detail with this jacket is what makes it stand out.

Fun with Fringe & Flair

Get ready for a fun day out anytime you wear the Women’s Black Leather Fringe Jacket with Bone Detail. It’s full of style and flair, which is what makes it so fun! The details span from beading, to bone, studs, snaps, and even fringe. What’s not to love about this jacket?

Have you noticed how awesome the beading is on the jacket as well? The circular beading is on both sides of the chest on the front, and in the center on the back. They style is fun and easy, and fits in well with the fringe.

Stand Out with This Jacket

This jacket was made to be ridden on the road. Imagine the fringe moving in the wind, almost making you feel like you are flying. That is what this biker jacket can do for you, it takes you out of your comfort zone, and makes you stand out above the rest. Do you want to blend in for your next motorcycle ride, or are you feeling like you were made to stand out?

Comfortable For the Road

The Women’s Black Leather Fringe Jacket with Bone Detail is crafted with genuine naked cowhide leather. It’s comfortable, breathable, and safe for the road. There is quilted full zip-out lining that runs through the sleeves, so you can adjust it to your needs depending on the ride. The liner also includes a soft neck warmer with a velcro closure.

Rock the Whole Outfit

Antelope Creek Leather aims to provide quality products at a great price. The Women’s Black Leather Fringe Jacket with Bone Detail is an awesome item to get you geared up for your next motorcycle ride. You can also find a matching vest and chaps to totally rock this outfit!

Antelope Creek Leather offers a wide range of high-quality women's leather motorcycle jackets. Designed with style and protection in mind, our jackets are made from genuine leather and come in various colors and designs. Browse our collection today to find the perfect one for you.