Women’s Gun Pocket Vest with Side Lace

Antelope Creek Leather

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1292 - Ladies Gun Pocket Vest Women's 6 pocket side lace vest Premium cowhide 1.2-1.3mm leather Two lower zippered hand pockets Side Lace detailing for optimal fit One panel back - perfect for patches or embroidery Dual side concealed weapon gun pockets

Women’s Six Pocket Side Lace Vest

Shop for the Women’s Six Pocket Side Lace Vest right here at Antelope Creek Leather. A leather vest is a must-have for any biker.

Smooth Leather and a Custom Fit

This vest is made of premium 1.2-1.3mm cow leather. It’s smooth, soft, and a comfortable ride on the road. There are side laces on each side to allow for the ultimate personal fit. Loosen the laces when you need to wear more layers, or tighten the laces when you are riding in the summer sun.

Pockets Galore

One of the best features of this vest is the fact that there are six pockets. That’s more pockets than most leather jackets! Among the pockets, two of them are lower zippered hand pockets, and two are concealed weapon pockets.

The vest has gold hardware and snap front buttons. This makes for easy on and easy off. There’s no struggle when you need to hurry and get on your motorcycle to go for a ride.

Get Geared Up with Your Vest

Antelope Creek Leather strives to provide quality products at a great price. The Women’s Six Pocket Side Lace Vest is a great option for bikers looking for a well-fitting vest. We also have all other kinds of biker gear to get you out on the road. Gear up and get going today!

Look stylish and stay organized with our collection of women's lightweight travel vests with pockets. Made from high-quality materials, these vests are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Shop now at Antelope Creek Leather and find the perfect vest for your needs.