Women’s Athena Sleek Scooter Jacket

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157 - Athena Women's Sleek Vented Scooter Jacket, Soft Naked Cowhide, Scooter Collar with Snap Closure and covered zippers for cleaner look, 2 front vent pockets, 4 outside zippered pockets, one inside snap closeable pocket and one lipstick pocket on sleeve, zip-out, full sleeve, high performance insulated thermal liner for extra warmth

Women’s Athena Sleek Scooter Jacket

The Women’s Athena Sleek Scooter Jacket is the best thing you could opt for with your next motorcycle jacket. It’s so stylish and yet also so effortless.


This jacket is made of soft naked cowhide leather, so it’s smooth, soft, and comfortable to wear. What makes this jacket even more great is that it’s vented so you won’t overheat. There are two front vent pockets to add breathability. There’s also a full sleeve zip-out high performance insulated thermal liner.

Features and more Features

Now, what makes the Women’s Athena Sleek Scooter Jacket so stylish is the scooter collar with a snap closure, and covered zippers for a cleaner look. The additional features of this jacket are great too. There’s four outside zipper pockets so you can store everything you need on your body. And there’s even one inside closeable pocket with a lipstick pocket on the sleeve.

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