Ladies Side Lace USA Made Vest

Antelope Creek Leather

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Women’s Black Side Laced Vest

The Women’s Black Side Laced Vest is a great staple for any biker’s wardrobe. It’s easy to wear, comfortable, and pairs well with any outfit. You can also find it in a wide range of sizes, so it can really be customized to you.

Stylish Vest for All Occasions

Imagine riding on the road. What are you wearing? Are you comfortable? Well, this vest provides style and comfort all wrapped up into one. This vest is stylish because it’s a classic black with silver hardware, so you can wear it with anything. You can dress it up or dress it down. Make this vest your own by adding pins, patches, or embroidery. That is what is so great about the Women’s Black Side Laced Vest.

Comfort is Possible for Your Ride

The vest is also comfortable because it allows customization of fit with the side lacing. This provides you the opportunity to change the lacing with each ride, if necessary. You can add more layers underneath the vest and loosen the laces. Or you can tighten them up for when you are riding in the summer sun. Don’t buy a biker vest without side laces. You’ll just set yourself up for disappointment!


This vest is also special because it was made right here in the U.S.A. Feel good wearing the Women’s Black Side Laced Vest because you were able to support it being made in the United States. Antelope Creek Leather strives to provide as many U.S.A.-made items as possible, and are proud to offer you this one.

Get out on the road with the help of this vest from Antelope Creek Leather. We want to help you get geared up for your motorcycle rides with each item that we offer. Check out what else we have to offer today!