Women's Black Side Lace Leather Vest - USA Made

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Women’s Black Side Lace Vest

A biker’s wardrobe is not complete without a classic black leather vest. Antelope Creek Leather has got you set with the Women’s Black Side Lace Vest.

Ride in Style

Imagine yourself out on the road. Don’t you want to be riding in comfort and style? This black leather vest has the features you are looking for. The simplicity of the vest makes it practical to wear with any outfit. The front is detailed with silver hardware buttons for a simple closure. The sides are laced to provide a totally customized fit just for you. You can adjust it however many times you need to. That is why this vest is the perfect compliment to your biker wardrobe.

Made in the U.S.A.

When you buy this black leather vest, you can feel good about your purchase because it was made in the U.S.A. Antelope Creek Leather strives to provide U.S.A.-made products as much as possible, so good for you for scoring one of these awesome vests!

Stay Safe out There

What more could you ask for in a vest than a perfect fit every time, and also safety on the road? One of the main reasons it’s important to gear up when riding is to keep you safe on your ride. This leather vest will do just that. The Women’s Black Side Lace Vest provides peace of mind for your motorcycle ride without making you hot on your ride. A leather jacket can get hot quickly, but with the flexibility you have in a leather vest, you have breathability, comfort, and safety.