7570 Glove

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Men’s Premium Leather Short Wrist Gel Palm Driving Glove

Brand : Milwaukee Leather

Group : GLOVES

Status : REGULAR

Classification : MENS LINED GLOVES

Style : MG7570


  • Lightly Lined w/ Gel Palm
  • Reflective Skull Embroidery
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap

Milwaukee Leather Men’s Premium Leather Short Wrist Glove

Are you on the hunt for the right gloves for your motorcycle rides? Well, look no further than the Milwaukee Leather Men’s Premium Leather Short Wrist Glove. There are many sizes to choose from at Antelope Creek Leather.

Skull Gloves with Added Feature

Milwaukee Leather spares no expense at providing quality gloves at a great price. These gloves are made of premium leather and come in black with a skull design on the top of the hand. The coolest feature about the skull, however, is that they are also reflective. So not only are these gloves stylish, but extremely functional and safe for the road.

The skull design is a fun way to amp up your biker wardrobe. Antelope Creek Leather is all about providing items that are fun and functional. We want you to love what you wear.

Comfort on the Road

Another great feature about these gloves is they are lightly lined with gel palms so it’s more comfortable when you are gripping the handlebars on your motorcycle. If your hands are getting tired holding on during your ride, these gloves are perfect for you.

The shortness of the gloves is also great because they won’t get you too hot, so you can even wear them in the warm summer months. Versatile gloves at a great price are the perfect option for any biker.

Quality Gloves from Antelope Creek Leather

Antelope Creek Leather aims to provide quality products at a great price. And these Milwaukee Leather Men’s Premium Leather Short Wrist Gloves check both boxes. Find these gloves and more items all right here in one place.