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Mens PREMIUM Club Vest

  • Product ID: 6655.00
  • Skin: Soft Cowhide 1.2mm
  • Material: Antique Brass Hardware
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Unik Premium


Plain Sides

4 exterior pockets & 2 inside concealed carry pockets.  

Zip Snap main closure.  

Antique Brass hardware.  

One panel back

Men’s Premium Leather Black Club Vest

Every biker knows that having a leather vest is necessary for a day out on the road. Sometimes it’s too hot for a full on leather jacket. That is when a leather vest comes in handy. Check out the awesome features of this sweet vest.

Smooth and Comfortable

This vest is made of soft cowhide 1.2mm, so the vest is smooth and comfortable. It can lay comfortable just against skin, or you can layer it with whatever you want. The nice feature about a leather vest is you don’t have to worry about your arms being restricted on your ride. Feel free to hold your arms as high as you want and move comfortably in this vest.

Style and Function

The antique brass hardware adds a stylish design to the vest, making it on trend and fashionable. There is a zipper to keep the vest closed, as well as button snaps.

There are four exterior pockets and two inside concealed weapon pockets. You can carry just as much in this vest that you’ve been carrying in your leather jacket. The bonus is you are less hot, and more comfortable.

Update Your Wardrobe

Antelope Creek Leather strives to provide quality products at a great price. The Men’s Premium Black Leather Club Vest is just that. It’s a simple, yet practical way to update your biker wardrobe. Find more awesome gear at our store