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Men’s No Collar Black Biker Vest

The Men’s No Collar Black Biker Vest is a must-have for every biker! If you drive a motorcycle, then you need a vest. It’s the best alternative to wearing a leather jacket when the weather gets too hot.

Cooler Rides Every Time

This vest is a great option for when it’s too hot to wear a leather jacket. Get on board for a cooler ride, in every aspect. This vest is easy to wear, goes with any outfit, and is also practical. You can also set yourself apart and customize this vest to your own style. Add patches, pins, club names, and more. Who says you have to wear it only one way? Make this vest what you want!

Customize Your Fit

The Men’s No Collar Black Biker Vest has no collar for a reason. This allows you to ride more comfortably on the road. You can also wear whatever you’d like underneath. Make this vest your next best friend and get it out on the road for your next ride.

Complete Your Biker Wardrobe

At Antelope Creek Leather, we aim to provide great products at great prices. You can also shop for other items to complete your biker wardrobe here. Find leather chaps to compliment this vest, and top it off with some sweet motorcycle boots.