560 WV Zip

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The Taylor

Women's riveted zip front vest

soft naked cowhide rivet detailing on back and sides two exterior and two interior pockets heavy non-corroding, non-rusting snaps

Women’s Riveted Zip Front Vest

The Women’s Riveted Zip Front Vest is the perfect vest made to compliment any biker’s wardrobe. The simple detailing on the front makes it great for any outfit.

Soft Leather, Luxurious Fit

Antelope Creek Leather has the Women’s Riveted Zip Front Vest available just for you. Wear this vest out for a long motorcycle ride, or to the local bar for a night out. This vest is made of soft naked cowhide leather, so you know it will be smooth to the touch, making it luxurious and stylish.

Flawless Details

The details of this vest are simple but yet flawless. There is rivet detailing along the sides and onto the back of the vest. The front of the vest zips up for simple closure. No need to hassle with buttons or snaps. You can also customize the fit better to your silhouette by zipping it up all the way, or leaving it unzipped for added room

Vest Pockets

The Women’s Riveted Zip Front Vest has two exterior pockets as well as two interior pockets. This will make it easy for you store all your necessary items right on you. You won’t have to worry about any extra bags to keep hold of your important items.

Get Shopping For Your Gear

At Antelope Creek Leather, we strive to provide quality products at affordable prices. You can find the Women’s Riveted Zip Front Vest in a variety of sizes right here, and then you can complete your biker’s wardrobe here as well. Make Antelope Creek Leather your one-stop shop! Gear up and get riding today!