545 FG DS

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#545 NAPA Easy Pull Fingerless Perforated Back Gloves 


Code: 545EZP

Fingerless Deerskin

Foam Vibration Pad

Perforated Back

Knuckle Holes

Hook & Loop Closure

Pull Tabs on Middle Fingers for Easy Off! 

NAPA Easy Pull Fingerless Gloves #545

The NAPA Easy Pull Fingerless Gloves #545 are made of quality deerskin, so they are made to last. You can find them at Antelope Creek Leather today.

Glove Features

Check out some of the awesome features of these gloves:

  • Foam Vibration Pad
  • Perforated Back
  • Knuckle Holes
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • Pull Tabs on Middle Finger for Easy Off

Comfort on the Road

These gloves will make a great addition to your biker’s wardrobe. The last thing you need when out for a motorcycle ride is for your hands to start hurting and get tired. These gloves will solve that problem for you.

Shop for All Your Biker Needs

Antelope Creek Leather aims to provide quality products at a great price. Shop for the NAPA Easy Pull Fingerless Gloves #545 right here and complete the outfit by shopping for jackets, chaps, and more. Get geared up, and then out on the road right away!