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Ladies Textile Jacket

Vents - ZOL

Available in Hot Pink, Gray or Purple

Embroidery Wing Design with Stud Detail

Women’s Wing and Stud Detailed Textile Jacket

The Women’s Wing and Stud Detailed Textile Jacket is such a fun addition to any biker’s closet! The jacket is available with three different wing options on the back. You can choose from purple, hot pink, or grey. And the jacket comes in a variety of sizes as well, to accommodate your individual size needed.

Embroidered Wing Detailing

The embroidered wing detailing on the back of this jacket is so unique and a great surprise anytime anyone sees the back! The color options available are a great way to add your own individual style into the jacket. The stud detailing also highlights a fun look.

The color from the wings is also used down the arms and adds an extra element of personal style and flair. This jacket allows you to express your own personal style out on the road. Get on your next motorcycle ride with this wing and studded jacket on!

Vents for Breathability

The jacket also has vents to provide comfort and breathability. When you are out on the road, make sure you can move around in your jacket and get the most out of your ride. This jacket won’t make you stop your ride early, because it’s breathability allows maximum comfort.

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