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Men's REVOLUTION GEAR jacket with skull embroidery

  • Product ID: 3538.00
  • Skin: Nylon Textile
  • Material: Black Hardware
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Revolution Gear


2 exterior pockets. 

2 interior pockets (1 cellphone, 1 storage pocket). 

Vented on sleeves & back.  

Side zips for comfort.  

Black hardware.  

Full sleeve removable liner.  

Removable armor in shoulders, elbows & back.

Men’s Revolution Gear Skull Jacket

How ready are you for your time on the road? The Men’s Revolution Gear Skull Jacket is the ultimate biker’s jacket, and it’s calling your name.

Pocket Storage Details

You can find this jacket available at Antelope Creek Leather in a variety of sizes. The jacket is made of nylon textile, so you know it will be more lightweight than a leather jacket. You can ride in all conditions in this jacket.

The Men’s Revolution Gear Skull Jacket has awesome features including two exterior pockets and two interior pockets. The interior pockets are great fits for a cellphone pocket and a storage pocket.

Function and Comfort

Let’s talk function of the jacket. The Men’s Revolution Gear Skull Jacket is vented on the sleeves and back. It has side zips for additional comfort and a full sleeve removable liner. It also has removable armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back. You can ride safe and sound in this jacket.

Gear for Your Ride

Antelope Creek Leather has awesome biker products for every rider. Get geared up by shopping for the Men’s Revolution Gear Skull Jacket along with all other gear. You can shop for chaps, boots, and more.