2115.SD Stud CB

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Black Clip or Belt Bag with Studs


  • Skin: Leather
  • Material: Silver
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Unik Accessories
  • Size: 6

Leather Biker Clip Bag with Studs

The Leather Biker Clip Bag with Studs is a stylish way to carry your personal items on your motorcycle ride. See what makes this bag so great.

Hold all the Essentials

This bag can be clipped to your belt for your motorcycle ride. You will be able to carry all your essentials on you while riding. Whether you are going on a long distance drive, or just a night out, this bag can hold all the things most important to you.

Statement Stud Style

The Leather Biker Clip Bag with Studs is leather material, so it’s smooth, soft, and stylish. It is a black color, so it will go with every outfit. The studs on it also make it a great statement piece to your outfit. They are minimal style with enough impact. The brand of this bag is Unik Accessories.

Great Products, Great Price

Antelope Creek Leather aims to provide quality biker gear at an affordable price. The Leather Biker Clip Bag with Studs is just that! We want to allow you to get everything you need in order to get geared up and ready to go out on the road. Top off your outfit with this clip bag!