10120 8" Hairglove Plain

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8 inch Ponytail Holder - Hair Glove

8” Hair Glove Ponytail Holder

Tie your hair back easily with the 8” Hair Glove Ponytail Holder available at Antelope Creek Leather. This is a great accessory for your time on the road to keep your hair out of your face.

Most Versatile Hair Accessory

The Hair Glove is the world’s most versatile hair accessory! It will make your motorcycle ride 100 times better by keeping your hair out of your face! It reduces knots, tangles, and breakage. It is easy to put on, making it easy to take off.

Replace Braiding

This hair accessory is lightweight, so it won’t wear your hair down and tug on your head. It is water resistant and the best part is it replaces braiding, so you won’t have to worry about braiding your hair for your motorcycle ride.

Get Everything You Need Here

Get the most versatile hair accessory for your next ride. Antelope Creek Leather has everything you need including hair accessories. Check out what else we have to offer including chaps, leather clothing, boots, and more.