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Men's Basic Motorcycle Jacket

Distressed Brown

Men’s Distressed Brown Basic Motorcycle Jacket

The Men’s Distressed Brown Basic Motorcycle Jacket is everything you need in a motorcycle jacket. It’s classic look is what will gravitate everyone to your direction!

All About the Details

This jacket isn’t just “basic,” it’s anything but that! It has silver hardware, buttons, pockets, snaps, buckles, and more! The silver hardware adds an excellent finishing touch that would compliment any outfit. You wouldn’t ever have to worry about if it will match anything when you have it on.

The distressed brown color of the jacket stands out, but is also subtle enough, that it won’t clash with any outfit. It also has side laces so you can customize the fit to your body.

Moto Features

The motorcycle style to this jacket includes the buckle that goes along the lower portion, and in the front of the jacket. Feel free to secure the buckle for your ride, or unbuckle it for a casual look when you are out and about.

Make This Jacket Your Own

The best thing about this jacket is that you can literally wear it anywhere. You can dress it up, you can dress it down. It is what you make of it. Don’t feel pressured to be anything you’re not with this jacket on. All you have to worry about is how comfortable you are going to be on your next motorcycle ride.

At Antelope Creek Leather, we strive to provide quality products at a great price. This jacket would make a great addition to your biker wardrobe, so what are you waiting for? Order one today!